This lifetime limited warranty is extended by Tehk (the "Warrantor" and "Manufacturer") exclusively to the original consumer/end user (the "Consumer") of Tehk Aluminum Balusters (the "Tehk Products"). This Warranty applies to Tehk Products used in residential deck applications and may not be assigned or transferred by the Consumer to someone else.

Lifetime Limited Warranty
Tehk Products are warranted by the Manufacturer according to the terms and conditions below, to be free from defects in material and workmanship that (1) occur as a direct result from the manufacturing process, (2) occur under normal use and service, (3) occur during the warranty period and (4) result in Tehk Products blistering, peeling, flaking, cracking, or having structural defect.

Warranty Limitations
This warranty does not apply to any Tehk Product damaged by (1) improper handling or storage prior to installation; (2) improper installation and/or failure to comply with Manufacturer's installation guidelines; (3) product abuse or abnormal residential use; (4) environmental trauma from natural events such as hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, lightning, flooding or acts of God; (5) improper application of paint or other surface chemicals not recommended by the Manufacturer in writing; (6) movement, settling, distortion or collapse of the ground or supporting structure where Tehk products are installed; (7) normal surface weathering, (8) excessive corrosion and/or weathering due to installation within one mile of coastal salt water.

Should Tehk Products show defects at any time, the Consumer must notify Tehk in writing within 30 days of discovering the defect and prior to beginning any repair or alteration. Written notice – including a detailed description of the claimed defect, photograph(s) of the defect, and proof of purchase should be sent to:
Tehk Products Warranty Center; P.O. Box 142; Alvadore, OR 97409.

Warrantor Responsibility and Prorated Refund Schedule:
This Warranty does not cover costs of installation, removal or reinstallation. Warrantor is solely obligated to provide a replacement product or prorated refund of the purchase price as outlined in the schedule below:


Years since purchase

10 or more

% of purchase price refunded